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My primary areas of research interest and expertise are:


  • Classroom- and School-based Action Research (a.k.a., practitioner inquiry)

  • Action Research Communities (ARCs)

  • Practitioner Inquiry Communities (PICs)

  • Teacher Motivation and Job Satisfaction


Below are links to select research publications:

Online EdD program graduates' persistence for engaging in ongoing practitioner research (Florida Journal of Educational Research, 2023)

Action research as teacher inquiry: A viable strategy for resolving problems of practice (Practical Assessment, Research, & Evaluation, 2021)

Reorienting our thinking away from 'professional development for educators' and toward the 'development of professional educators' (Journal of School Leadership, 2020)


Our students, our solutions: Educators can customize their learning through action research (The Learning Professional, 2019)


Classroom-based, teacher-led action research as a process for enhancing teaching and learning (Journal of Educational Leadership in Action, 2017)

Leading and facilitating educational change through action research learning communities  (Journal of Ethical Educational Leadership, 2016)

Should I stay or should I go? Understanding teacher motivation, job satisfaction, and perceptions of retention among Arizona teachers (International Research in Higher Education, 2016)

Classroom-based action research: Revisiting the process as customizable and meaningful professional development for educators  (Journal of Pedagogic Development, 2013)

Teachers' perceptions of the influence of No Child Left Behind on classroom practices  (Current Issues in Education, 2010)

Teachers' assessment knowledge and their perceptions of the impact of classroom assessment professional development  (Improving Schools, 2009)

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